10 Fun Christmas Activities For Kids And Families

Make snowman spoons for hot cocoa.

Take a hot chocolate and one of these minty snowman spoons inside when the weather outside is awful. It will get your kids nice and warm.

Make popcorn garland

Christmas decorations that appear edible provide great holiday memories. Make a festive popcorn garland using string, a needle, fresh popcorn, and cranberries.

Make your own holiday card display

Instead of pasting holiday cards to windows or sliding doors, make this fun activity with your kids to enhance your winter paradise.

Deck the hall

In a word! Do you think your walls are plain? Give the kids some Christmas lights and let them decorate the halls however they want.

Stage the family Christmas photo

Due to virtual schooling last year and always having devices, your youngster may be a pro at making everyone appear good on camera. Put the youngsters in charge of holiday photos and create a fun winter Instagram caption.

Estimate Santa's time of arrival

Christmas Eve Santa tracking is a custom parents and grandparents certainly recall from childhood. For almost 50 years, NORAD has been a sleigh GPS. 

Recycle used bottles for holiday decor

An empty wine bottle, a cider jug, lights, and some LED lights make it easier than ever to get into the Christmas spirit. It's a simple Christmas project for kids.

Decorate a window display

Some creative kids with Christmas passion can add paint, stickers, and stars to your windows to make them wonderful. Need inspiration? Check out our greatest Christmas window decorations.

Enjoy holiday themed pancake

Let the kids use their imaginations by cutting pancakes into shapes and decorating them to look like holiday figures. You can even give it a little extra fun by giving them an Olaf waffle machine.

Design a Christmas village

Having youngsters build and landscape a Christmas village with imitation snow, trees, and figurines is a great way to get them to use their imagination.

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