6 Things You Didn’t Know About The World's Most Expensive Whisky

Cask 263 Has Held The Record More Times Than Any Other

Only 15 times since 1983 has the world's most expensive whisky bottle been surpassed. Macallan whisky has been the most costly for 24 of 40 years, reaching the top for the tenth time. 

It Takes Two To Tango

The exact number of interested persons before the auction is unknown, but this bottle's heated bidding came down to two competitors: one in the room and one over the phone.

The Bottle Had Been Reconditioned By Macallan

Before selling, Sotheby's worked with Macallan to replace the capsule and check the contents with a 1ml sample. 

The Valerio Adami Version Had Never Broken The Million Pound Mark

This is the fourth time the Valerio Adami edition has been the most expensive whisky, but the first time it has broken £1 million. 

This Bottle Was Sold In 2020

The Valerio Adami label included 12 hand-numbered bottles. Bottle 12 set the £2.2million record in 2020 when it sold for £825,000 in an online specialist auction (without buyer's premium).

This Is Not The Oldest Whisky In The World

The world's oldest whisky is Macallan's 1940-distilled The Reach, 81 years old. The Reach sold for £212,500 despite being 20 years old, proving that whisky's worth comes from more than age. 

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