7 Christmas Traditions To Start This Year

Celebrate St. Nick's Day 

St. Nick's Day, or Sinterklaas, begins early on December 5 with a small present in a shoe in the Netherlands. Check your local Sinterklaas festivities or give your kids candy or a poem in their boots this year.

Hide The Christmas Pickle 

You heard us right. We said Christmas pickle. It's unknown when this tradition began, but the first person to see a Christmas pickle ornament on the tree gets a gift. 

Open One Gift Early 

Christmas morning excitement might be overwhelming. Allow your kids to open one gift on Christmas Eve to reduce their Christmas day excitement. 

Build A Gingerbread House 

Build a gingerbread house with family to make memories without interruptions. Put your phones and tablets aside and focus on making your house perfect. 

Host An Ornament Exchange 

Similar to a cookie exchange or White Elephant gift exchange, an ornament exchange party encourages creativity and reduces gift-giving stress. 

DIY Placemats For Christmas Dinner 

Make a personalized place setting for each guest at your Christmas dinner instead of buying sheets. This project helps get kids involved in holiday preparation. 

Make A Hot Chocolate Bar 

Warm hot chocolate is perfect after a day of skiing or backyard sledding (weather allowed). Make a hot chocolate bar to elevate this festive drink. 

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