7 Ways To Decorate With Fresh Christmas Greenery

Bountiful Bowl 

If you have some loose magnolia leaves, put them together in an easy way on your table. Put some mercury glass trinkets and loose leaves in a bowl, and you're ready to go.

Let Go Of Symmetry 

Create a mantle display that favors one side. Adding seeded eucalyptus and magnolia to a bay laurel-and-cedar garland gives Christmas decorations a pop.

Go Vertical 

Don't just drape garland over the railing. Garland your porch posts to frame your door and add vertical interest. We like three wreaths on each door.

Glorious Greens 

Use one color to stand out. A surprising arrangement featured clear glass vases, fruit, foliage, and ribbon in a fresh shade. One water-filled vase for camellia branches and another for naked seeded eucalyptus. 

Aim High 

Hang your garland to the ceiling instead of just over the mantel to grab attention. Red ribbon adorns this magnolia garland. Add little evergreen trees, apples, and red ribbon to the mantel.

Grand Outdoors 

Hang garland over arches in your outdoor living room for Christmas happiness. For a curtain effect, fasten foliage in the arch center and at the curve beginnings.

Kitchen Joy 

Putting garland on top of your cabinets is a great way to add some Christmas cheer to your kitchen without taking up valuable table space. We happily hung up our Christmas cards down below.

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