9 Coins With Secret Messages And Their Meaning

The U.S. Dollar Coin and the Eye of Providence

The Triangle Eye of Providence on the U.S. one-dollar coin is interesting. This symbol, featured on the reverse of the US Great Seal, is associated with Freemasonry and symbolizes God's watchful eye over humanity.

The UK’s 2-Pound Coin and the WWII Code

The British 2-pound coin recalls World War II with dots and dashes along its edge. This Morse code spells “1945,” the war's end. 

Canadian ‘Loonies’ one-dollar coins often have a hidden loon (bird).

Canada’s ‘Lucky Loonie’

Australian one-dollar coins have a tiny five-pointed star buried in the queen's neckline. 

The Australian Dollar with a Secret Star

The Euro and the Owl of Athena

Greek mythology's Owl of Athena symbolizes wisdom and intelligence on some Euro coins. 

The Indian 10 Rupee Coin and the Unity in Diversity

The Indian 10 Rupee coin symbolizes ‘Unity in Diversity.’ The coin's 15 spokes represent India's 15 official languages and integration of its many cultures and customs.

Mexico's rich pre-Columbian heritage is reflected on the 10 Peso coin's complex Aztec calendar.

The Mexican 10 Peso Coin and the Aztec Calendar

The ‘Big Five’—lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo—adorn South African money. 

The South African Rand and the ‘Big Five’

Japanese culture reveres sakura, or cherry blossoms, which appear on 100 Yen coins.

The Japanese 100 Yen Coin and the Sakura

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