Easy Great Dane Basic Training Tips

Socialize your Great Dane between 8 and 16 weeks to establish the tone for how they interact with people and other animals.

Socialize Early 

Knowing what motivates your Great Dane can help you train them to use the toilet outside, stay in their box, follow simple directions, or walk on a leash.

Use Positive Reinforcement 

If feasible, enroll your Great Dane in puppy obedience training. This helps with training and socialization because they'll meet new canines and humans.

Go to Puppy Classes 

Dogs have short attention spans like humans. Limit training sessions to 15 minutes to avoid boredom in your Great Dane.

Keep Things Short and Sweet 

Your Great Dane will fear you if you tug on their leash or slap them, which can damage your bond.

Don’t Be Harsh 

Expecting your Great Dane to learn overnight is unreasonable. Some dogs learn quickly, while others take months.

Be Consistent 

Certified fear-free trainer Russel Hartstein suggests a front-attached harness to help your Great Dane walk properly.

Use a Harness for Leash Training 

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