7 Amazing Tips to Build a Strong Bond With Your Dog

Greasing Rottweilers is easy due to their short hair. Brush your puppy weekly with a soft bristle. 

Groom your Rottweiler. 

Knowing if a Rottweiler is good for you is vital because dog breeds vary.Like any breed, 

Bringing Your Rottweiler Puppy Home

Walk your Rottweiler twice a day for 30 minutes. Large breed dogs need lots of exercise to keep healthy and energetic.

Get your puppy lots of exercise. 

Early exposure to new circumstances, canines, and people helps puppies.

Start socializing your puppy at an early age 

Make a structured routine of times to take your puppy outside to potty. For example, you might take him outside to potty first thing in the morning, 

Create a routine and be patient 

Ask your vet for a good Rottweiler food. When purchasing commercial dog food, 

Feed your puppy a nutritious diet. 

Crate training may help prevent house accidents. Buy a large breed dog box and put your puppy's blanket or bed and some treats in it.

Housetrain your puppy right away 

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6 Amazing Tips to   Build a Strong Bond With Your Dog