How To Teach Your Puppy Its Name?

Your puppy will need your instruction as canines aren't born trained. 

Training starts on day one. 

Groom your pet early. Dogs adapt faster to procedures if they learn them early. Treats and grooming create a favorable bond.

Keep your puppy well groomed. 

Maintaining your puppy's teeth now will prevent many issues later. Dogs' biggest health issue, after obesity, is periodontal disease.

Puppies need regular dental care. 

Healthy puppies exercise regularly. Dogs need different amounts depending on their size and breed. 

Exercise your puppy daily 

Choosing a vet before bringing your pet home is ideal. Once home, take your puppy to the vet for an overall checkup within a day. The first few months

Regular vet check-ups 

What you feed your puppy matters. They require particular nourishment with the correct protein, lipids, minerals, and vitamins. 

 A puppy needs a complete and balanced diet.

Doing home health checks might help keep your dog healthy. You can avoid small issues from becoming big by checking their weight, coat and skin, eyes and ears, teeth and gums, and spot checks.

Give your puppy home health checks. 

Allowing your puppy to engage with an older dog is a great method to teach excellent manners. Although most adult dogs won't attack a puppy, a huge dog may snarl or snap at one.

Introduce your puppy to other dogs. 

Positive reinforcement can train your dog to behave well. Reward them with a treat or praise for complying. 

Reward good behaviour. 

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