Should one take bath daily in winter or not?

Nationwide, chilly weather is a problem. Some forego showering while others use fire to stay warm. Non-daily bathers in winter must also endure much criticism. 

 Some joke and some taunt. Most individuals avoid winter morning baths. However, winter non-bathers are in luck. You can no longer be teased in the bath.

Recent research suggests that everyday winter bathing may be detrimental. This is great news for winter non-bathers. Find out about winter bathing daily.

Boston Ranchologist Dr. Ranella advises against everyday bathing in winter. The skin can clean itself, he remarked. You don't need to bathe daily in winter if you don't sweat or become dirty.

Daily winter bathing with hot water produces dry skin, according to research. Bathing in hot water eliminates natural oils, cracking skin. Lack of moisture and protection from excessive bathing makes skin flaky and dry.

Daily showers also remove beneficial microorganisms that keep the skin healthy and protect it from chemical pollutants. Dermatologists recommend bathing once every two or three days in winter.

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