Sparkling Peach Sangria Recipe Gold Rush Recipe

Prosecco, fresh peaches, mint, ginger, and lime make a sparkling sangria. You can add sparkling water for bubbles and alcohol taming.  


– 1 (750 ml) bottle Prosecco, well chilled – 2 peaches, thinly sliced – 1 cup Cointreau liqueur – 2 limes, thinly sliced, divided – 1 tablespoon torn fresh mint leave – 1 (1-inch) piece fresh ginger, finely grated – 12 ounces sparkling water, or to taste – 2 tablespoons mint leaves for garnish (optional)



Refrigerate prosecco in the morning. In a lidded container, mix peach slices, Cointreau, half the lime slices, mint leaves, and grated ginger. Submerge peaches in liquid for 6 hours in fridge. 

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Pour peach mixture into a large pitcher and add prosecco to serve. Mix briefly. 

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Put fruit in each glass, add sangria, and top with 2 ounces sparkling water or to taste. Add reserved lime slices and mint leaves if desired. 

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