Tex-Mex Pork Chops and Rice Skillet recipe

After browning chops, add broth, veggies, and rice. This dinner only needs a pan, knife, chopping board, measuring cups, spoons, can opener, and mixing and serving spoon. We like it with salad and quesadillas. Add avocado slices if desired!  


– – 2 tablespoons olive oil – 4 boneless pork chops, about 3/4-inch thick – 2 teaspoons taco seasoning spice blend – 1 teaspoon ground cumin – 1 teaspoon smoked paprika – 1/4 teaspoon salt – 1 cup chopped onion – 1 cup coarsely chopped green bell pepper – 2 cloves garlic, minced – 2 (10-ounce) cans diced tomatoes and green chilies (such as Ro-tel®), with juice – 1 teaspoon chili powder – freshly ground black pepper to taste – 1 1/4 cups chicken broth – 2 cups frozen corn kernels, thawed – 2 cups sliced zucchini – 1 cup uncooked rice – flat-leaf parsley or cilantro (optional) – lime slices (optional)

Step 1

Heat olive oil over medium heat in a 12-inch skillet. Season both sides of pork chops with taco seasoning, cumin, smoked paprika, and salt.  


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Step 2

Place chops in the hot skillet and cook, turning once, until browned on both sides, about 2 minutes per side. Remove to a plate, and keep warm.

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Step 3

In the same skillet, sauté and stir onion and bell pepper for 2 minutes until they start to colour. Add garlic and sauté 30 seconds until fragrant. 

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Step 4

Pour in diced tomatoes and green chilies, with their juices, and stir, being sure to scrape up any browned bits on the bottom of the skillet.

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Step 5

 Add chili powder and black pepper to the chicken broth, and stir in.

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Step 6


Add sliced zucchini, thawed corn and uncooked rice. Stir vegetables and grains until they are uniformly distributed and submerged in cooking liquid. Bring to boil. 

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Step 7

 Nestle pork chops into the skillet contents, and add any accumulated juices from the chops. Cover, reduce heat to low, and simmer about 20 minutes.

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Step 8

Simmer for 5 minutes more without cover until rice is soft and liquid is absorbed. A pork chop's centre instant-read thermometer should read 145 degrees F (63 degrees C). 

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Step 9

Garnish with flat-leaf parsley or cilantro and lime slices. Serve warm.

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