The 8 Fun Christmas Games the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Guess the Number of Candie

Icebreakers are essential during holiday parties. Start with a fun guessing game. Fill a transparent jar with peppermints or themed M&Ms (or another candy) and have partygoers guess how many are in it. 

Christmas I Spy

Play a holiday version of I Spy with your kids. Ask them to look through this sheet and count how many Santas, snowflakes, Christmas trees, and other things they can find.

Cookies for Santa Game

Try this game if you want a fun holiday take on the Oreo race challenge. First, make Santa beards out of stickers for everyone who wants to take part. At that point, have everyone try to eat an Oreo without using their hands.

Rudolph Race

Get your family and friends together to play Rudolph Race, a fun race against the clock. In this game, each person must use only their nose, Vaseline, and a pom ball to try to pin Rudolph's nose on. We accept the challenge!

Hold Sled Race

Prepare for sled races to burn off post-dinner grumpiness. Gather people at the top of a hill (a safe distance apart to avoid crashes) and let loose. Bottom-first wins!

Play Christmas "Heads Up"

Write iconic Christmas character names on sticky notes and have players paste them to their foreheads without reading them. Everyone must then guess whose name is on their heads without speaking.

Host Christmas Family Trivia

Play a lively game of family trivia to get to know everyone better. When guests arrive, have everyone write a little-known tidbit about themselves and read them aloud after dessert or when you have time.