The Shortest Day of The Year 2023 To Be Observed Tomorrow: 22nd Dec 2023 check now

Get ready for a show in the sky: December 22 will be the shortest day of the year, and December 23 will be the longest night. 

The sun comes up at 6:59 in the morning on December 22 and goes down at 5:10 at night, giving the day a mere 10-hour glow. Get ready for a long 14-hour night that will set the stage for the dance between day and night.

Change is coming, so don't worry. After December 23, the day gains speed and the night reluctantly concedes. The celestial tango continues until March 21 and 22, 2024, when day and night find balance.

From June 22nd to December 22nd, daylight decreases by 80 seconds per day in the cosmic drama. The peak? A 10-hour day and 14-hour night, a sky-symphony.

However, from December 22nd to June 21st, the story changes. Daily daylight gains 45 seconds of brilliance. The cosmic clock ticks, marking the gradual transition from the longest night to longer, sunnier days.

This heavenly performance should remind us of the sun's ever-changing rhythm, orchestrating the dance between day and night on the universe's big stage.

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