Top 7 Zodiac Signs Who Doesn’t Get Love Back From Their Partner 

Cancers often put a lot of effort into relationships because they are so emotionally deep. But because they are so emotionally open, they may be let down when their partner doesn't feel the same way about them.


Scorpios are known for their strong feelings and strong need to connect with others emotionally. It's impossible for them not to want to be real and loyal.


When it comes to partnerships, Capricorns take things very seriously. These two people are devoted partners who work hard to create a stable and safe future.


Aquarius people like being on their own and value intellectually deep relationships. Their partner might not respect their need for room and privacy, which can make them feel disconnected and emotionally empty.


Many people admire Pisces for how loving and devoted they are. They often put their partner above everyone else and expect a love story like in a fairy tale in return. 


Geminis love to talk to people and be intellectually challenged. If they think their partner isn't interested in the same things they are or isn't having deep talks with them, they may feel lonely and unloved.


Sagittarius people have a free spirit and like to try new things. If their partner stops them from exploring or from having new adventures and growing as a person, they may feel unloved.


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