Top 8 Leg Stretches That’ll Ease Your Tightest Muscles

Extended Wide Squat

Stand with feet slightly wider than hips. Lower your knees and hips to the ground. If your heels aren't touching the ground, prop them with a towel or mat back.

Downward Dog

On your hands and knees, place your palms under your shoulders and feet hip-width apart.Rise into Downward Dog by lifting your hips.

Tip-Toe 3-Legged Dog

Step forward so your big toes contact and raise your right leg into the air, rising onto your left toes, from Downward Dog.Hold for five breaths, then switch sides.

Low Crescent Lunge

Lunge low with your right knee forward.Increase hip stretch by raising your arms and lowering your pelvis as you inhale. Alternatively, place your hands on your hips for comfort.

Open Lizard

Lunge with your right knee forward. Lay your left knee on the ground and your hands beneath your shoulders.Reduce your right knee to rest on the outside of your flexed right foot slowly. 

Lifted Head to Knee

Right leg straighten in front of you when kneeling.Enjoy five deep breaths while folding forward over your extended leg.Flip and repeat.

Head to Knee

Rest your legs in front of you on the ground. Your left knee should be bent and your foot on your right inner thigh.Reach both hands to your right foot and stack your torso on your right thigh while sitting tall.

Seated Straddle

Sit three to four feet apart (not as wide as possible). Move your right bum cheek flesh away from you with your right hand, then your left. This will stabilize your pelvis for better hamstring stretching.

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