11 Best Ceramic Christmas Trees to Light Your Home With Vintage Holiday Spirit

Hand-Painted Ceramic Tabletop Christmas Tree

A simple green tree is always a good choice. This ceramic Christmas tree has 64 rich, bright, multicolored lights and a beautiful star with seven points on top.

Mr. Christmas Nostalgic Ceramic Christmas Tree

This white clay Christmas tree is so pretty. The bright, holiday-themed colorful lights are the best thing about this choice. They look especially nice when the lighting is low.

Holiday Trees with LED Lights Set of 3

This cute set of three tiny trees is a great new take on the old-fashioned ceramic tree decorations. Even though each tree is a different size and color, they all have LED lights that run on batteries.

Ready-to-Paint Ceramic Christmas Tree

Want to personalize this tradition? This kit includes a blank, nine-inch paintable tree and base, a clip cable, a bulb, and multicolored or clear lights. Make it a family activity or paint one yourself!

The Twillery Co. LED Ceramic Tree

Most ceramic Christmas trees are 12 inches tall, but this one is 24! The plug-in model has all the typical details. Should you go big if you like the look?

Musical Ceramic Lighted Christmas Tree

Tree and songs that make you feel nostalgic? Please say yes! This traditional tree runs on batteries and plays eight different Christmas songs. Yes, joy to the world!

Seafoam Green Ceramic Christmas Tree

What is it about this color that makes me feel so cute and old? Because these trees are made with old molds, they really do feel retro, but they don't have all the chips and cracks of an old one.

Rose Gold Ceramic Christmas Tree

If you like rose gold, this is the right ceramic Christmas tree for you! It will sparkle and shine all winter. If you'd rather have a different shade of shiny, it also comes in silver.

Casafield Hand Painted Ceramic Christmas Tree

In the winter, this 15-inch clay Christmas tree will bring a fun splash of color to your office, bedroom, living room, or kitchen! It also comes with extra lights and an extra star topper.

Ceramic Christmas Tree and Vintage Car

This small ceramic tree is on a ceramic automobile, but isn't it cute? The hand-painted artwork evokes peaceful rural days chopping down your own tree! 

Ceramic Tree Gnome

This cute gnome clay Christmas tree will make your guests laugh. Also, it makes a great gift for people who like fun holiday decorations!

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