12 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Remember your childhood View-Master toys? He may make his own with this reel viewer kit. Simply upload your best photos of the two of you to win a bespoke nostalgic toy.

kouchu Lemongrass and Sage Scented Candle

Give a sappy gift and enjoy it. Instead of stating you met at Home Depot, humor your love tale with this adorable candle that honors how you met. Most couples meet online these days.

Nordstrom Half-Zip Cotton and Cashmere Pullover Sweater

Contrary to popular belief, cashmere isn't expensive. Nordstrom's cashmere-cotton pullover is comfortable and half the price. This winter-ready half-zip will make your guy look great.

FunStudio Personalized Acrylic Song with Photo

We think people aren't framing images enough. Most of our memories are on our phones, but sometimes it's fun to print them.

TheraGun Mini Massage Gun

Your lover should rest his muscles after a week at the gym. Get him this Theragun to ease painful muscles and get back to the gym sooner. Bonus: Take it when he's not using it.

HoopSwagg Customized Dog Sock

You probably had to pass the best-friend test and make his dog like you when you met him. You passed with flying colours. Give him these socks with your pet's face to celebrate your bond.

Life Sutra Couple Connect Card Games for Couple

Why not provide a fun present for both? This relationship therapist-designed card game explores the mind and spirit with thought-provoking questions. 

Unlock the Wine Escape Room Game

This at-home escape room comes with a glass of wine after you solve the problem, perfect for couples. It's a wonderful approach to work together and practice problem-solving on a date night.

tergusco Personalized Leather Dopp Kitt

Keep his travel essentials out of ziplock bags! This is a terrific gift for visitors or overnighters. Packing basics in the leather dopp kit is stylish and stress-free.

Glendalough 7-Year-Old Single Malt Mizunara Finish Whiskey

If your lover likes whiskey, Glendalough's single malt mizunara cask finish is best. Irish whisky and Japanese wood create a powerful, smooth sipping whisky. 

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Self Watering Indoor Garden

If he wants to be more sustainable or grow food at home, get him this self-watering smart garden. It's the easiest way to produce herbs and veggies since you set it up and forget about it till it grows.

Ostrichpillow Memory Foam Travel Pillow

If your guy complains about uncomfortable seats on flights, get him an Ostrichpillow with memory foam to personalize comfort for everyone, whether they're flying for three hours or 13.

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