6 Best Exercises for a Slimmer Body After 30

Farmer's Carry

Who says exercising must be difficult? The farmer's stroll involves moving something heavy. 

Weighted Sled (Prowler)

As with farmer's walks, many overlook the strength and stamina to move a heavy object quickly. Another low-skill, high-effort action is pushing a weighted sled.

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell swings, a simple but efficient exercise, are essential. Your glutes, hips, and quads will lift the kettlebell, while your abs will stabilize your core. 


Burpees are essential to our list of weight-loss activities. This exercise burns calories and raises heart rate. Remember to regress the workout if needed.


The assault bike is one of the most dangerous workout tools. It's simple: sit on the bike and ride till you can't, then repeat.

Barbell Deadlift

As the king of compound exercises, the deadlift can do almost everything. The beauty of the barbell deadlift is that it works your quads, hamstrings, arms, abs, and grip strength all at once.

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