8 Countries That Will Make You Want to Pack Your Bags and Move Right Now


Germany attracts tourists with its stunning coasts, great hiking areas, and idyllic communities. The onion museum in Weimar, Berlin's dumping ground/open-air museum.


Zimbabwe is one of South Africa's most undervalued countries, with many hidden beauties. Victoria Falls, Mana Pools National Parks, Great Zimbabwe Ruins, and Kama Ruins are World Heritage Sites. 


Panama is one of the top 2023 travel destinations despite its hundreds of kilometers of Caribbean and Pacific Ocean coastline. It's a tiny country with coffee farms, rainforests, beaches, and everything you might want for a tropical vacation. 


What are the odds you saw this country and said, "Wait, what?" I cannot pronounce its name! Keer-giz-stan, before you ask. It's clear why Kyrgyzstan is one of the top 2023 travel destinations.


Visit Mt. Nebo, float on the Dead Sea, and more in the land of epic adventures and ruined towns. For a solitary wanderer who wants fresh experiences, befriend the Bedouins to explore 2023's best countries. 


People usually think of Bali when they hear Indonesia. This country of nearly 17,000 islands has much more to offer. Over 20% of coral reefs are in Indonesia.


Belarus has become one of Europe's top travel destinations. It's hardly surprising with flexible visa restrictions, a great coffee scene, and a lively nightlife. Belarus has abundant animals and natural beauty. 


Belize revealed Central American jungles, water sports, and Mayan culture when we thought things couldn't be better. Offbeat adventures may be in Belize.

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