7 things Your Dog   hates about you    

Hugging a dog may be annoying for your dogs, but it looks cute. Most dogs dislike strangers hugging them.


Like embracing, they loathe our face-touch. Consider how you'd feel if someone touched your face without permission. 

Handling a dog’s face is an indication of trespassing in its area

Dogs prefer walking to exercise. This lets them explore the world. They mostly detect or alert their surroundings through smell and other instincts. In contrast, we use visions.

Oppose your dog from sniffing in time of walk  

Though they dislike rules, they understand them. Due of inexperience, people may act differently. Training frames their conduct well. 

Absence of rules and regulation

No one appreciates a disrespectful animal or person. Dogs read body language, not speech.

Rude behavior towards them

Many canines loathe dresses. Thus, fancy clothes annoys them. You'll witness tense or reactive dogs. These show their displeasure.

Dressing up and strong scent

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