Life-changing Hummus Avocado Toast Recipe

This Life-Changing Hummus Avocado Toast is everything you want in a perfect bite! Crispy toast combined with creamy hummus and smashed avocado  

 – 2 slices bread of choice – 2 to 4 Tbsp hummus* – 1 large avocado mashed – 4 cherry tomatoes chopped – 2 Tbsp red onion chopped – 2 Tbsp feta cheese – 2 Tbsp shelled pistachios chopped – Sea salt and black pepper to taste


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Flour Bowl

Step 1

 In a small bowl, mash the avocado until it's smooth and creamy. Season with a little salt. When you're ready to use it, put the mashed avocado aside. 


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Step 2

 Finely chop the tomatoes, red onion and pistachios on a cutting board.

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Step 3

Toast the bread according to your desired level of crisp. I like a deep golden brown finish for a lovely crunch.

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Step 4

Spread the hummus over each toasted slice of bread. I use one tablespoon of hummus per slice of bread 

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Step 5

Spread half of the creamy avocado spread on top of the hummus layer. Sprinkle chopped tomatoes, red onion, pistachios, and feta cheese on top of your avocado toast.  

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Step 6

Enjoy this amazing avocado toast!   

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