Macaroni Salad Without Mayo Recipe

Macaroni Salad with Greek Yogurt dressing is light and delicious, perfect for parties! 

 – ▢Use 8 ounces gluten-free elbow macaroni,  --▢⅔ cup red bell pepper, --▢½ cup red onion. --▢⅓ cup celery - --▢3 Tbsp chopped dill pickles or gherkins (optional)  --▢3 chopped hard-boiled eggs


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 –▢2/3 cup Greek yogurt – ▢3 Tbsp avocado oil – ▢2 Tbsp rice vinegar – ▢1 Tbsp pure maple syrup or cane sugar – ▢1 large clove garlic – ▢1 Tbsp dijon mustard or stone ground mustard – ▢½ tsp sea salt, to taste – ▢¼ tsp black pepper, to taste


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Step 1

Cook macaroni per package directions. Drain noodles into a colander and quickly rinse with cold water to chill and remove starch. 


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Step 2

Add all dressing ingredients to a bowl and mix thoroughly while the noodles cook. 

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Step 3

Stir in sliced bell pepper, red onion, celery, dill pickles, and hard-boiled eggs. 

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Step 4

Add cooked and cooled macaroni to the bowl and mix well. 

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Step 5

Add black pepper and sea salt to taste. Increase vinegar and mustard as needed. 

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