Roasted Radish Salad Recipe For Easter Day 2024

This roasted radish salad with pearl onions, toasted pine nuts, feta, parsley, and a Dijon vinaigrette is the perfect spring salad!   

 –1 ½ pounds radishe ½ pound pearl onion 1 tablespoon olive oil ½ teaspoon kosher salt ¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 3 ounces feta cheese, crumbled ¼ cup pine nuts, lightly toasted ¼ cup roughly chopped fresh parsley 3 tablespoons Dijon vinaigrette


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Step 1

Place the onions in a bowl and cover them with boiling water. Let them sit for 5 minutes, then drain. Slice off the tops and peel. 


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Step 2

Preheat the oven to 425°F (220°C). Trim the tops and tails from the radishes, then slice into halves or quarters and place in a large baking dish.    

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Step 3

Add the pearl onions, olive oil, salt, and pepper, and toss to evenly coat. Roast for 30 to 35 minutes. stirring a few times throughout. 

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Step 4

While the radishes are roasting, add the pine nuts to a small skillet over medium-low heat and lightly toast. Set aside.

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Step 5

Let the radishes and onions cool for a few minutes in the baking dish. Add the pine nuts, parsley and Dijon vinaigrette. Toss to combine. 

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Step 6

Add the salad into a large serving bowl, then top with feta cheese. Serve warm or at room temperature. 

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