Top Dog Breeds for Lazy Owners

With soulful eyes and a cheerful disposition, the Japanese chin lapdog is easy to train. Due to their grace, cleanliness, and modest disposition, these dogs are often called ‘feline’ breeds.


A lively and alert Pomeranian pays attention to their surroundings. This foxy spitz can be bossy, therefore obedience training is needed. Though active


This cheerful friend will calm and entertain you. The Maltese is a lazy dog breed that doesn't shed, but they need lots of grooming (in show ring, they're noted for their silky,


Easy to teach and cheerful, the Japanese chin lapdog is graceful and friendly with soulful eyes. These dogs are commonly called ‘feline’ breeds due to their meticulous cleanliness, grace, and humble disposition.

Japanese chin

The Chinese Crested is a petite, smart, loving, mainly hairless pet (there is a coated ‘powder puff’ variant). 

Chinese Crested

The Griffon Bruxellois, or bearded Ewok, are delicate snugglers with enormous hearts and attitudes. Despite their small size, these dogs are full of character.

Brussels Griffon

A bulky, lethargic aristocratic dog breed with a lovely coat and large temperament, the Pekingese was intended to be your loving and funny companion.


This friendly scent hound is an endurance and independent working dog. When their requirements are addressed, these cute, crinkly-browed friends are happy to be lazy dogs.

Basset Hound

The friendly Havanese is a natural clown that likes entertaining families. These smart, strong extroverts are trainable, love people, and are serious watchdogs.


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