Why Flocked Christmas Trees Remind Us of An Old-Fashioned Christmas

Faux Snowy Norway Spruce

As the tree most commonly associated with Christmas celebrations, the Norway Spruce is easily recognizable.

 When you make an investment in a wonderfully crafted imitation version that features flocking, you will look forward to the excitement of unpacking it this year.

4 ft. Flocked Colorado Spruce

The Colorado Spruce is the epitome of an evergreen tree, with its densely packed branches and spines that are covered in pine needles. 

Its smaller size allows this flocked version to be placed practically anyplace, which is a significant advantage.

7.5 ft Kenwood Frasier Fir

The Frasier Fir grows in thick stands in the U.S. Appalachians and can also be found in other parts of the Southeast. This beautiful feathered Frasier will be the center of attention at your Christmas party.

7.5 ft Green Spruce Flocked Christmas Tree

When looking for a Christmas tree, the Blue Spruce's blue-green or dark green needles are hard to avoid. It looks even better if you choose a fake Spruce with covering.

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