Tantalizingly Crispy Fried Garlic: A Guide

Tantalizingly Crispy Fried Garlic: A Guide: You can make garlic oil and crispy fried garlic in less than 15 minutes.

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Tantalizingly Crispy Fried Garlic: A Guide

Serve with soups, pasta, and stir-fries to give them a garlicky crunch. For meat and vegetable stir-fries or as a bread dip, use the oil.

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How to make fried garlic

  • For this tasty crunchy garnish to work, you must start with fresh garlic that has been finely sliced or chopped.
  • It’s up to you whether you use chopped garlic or not when making this recipe.
  • Warm up some oil slowly in a small saucepan or cooking pan once your garlic is ready. Just enough oil to cover the garlic is all you need.
  • The garlic can quickly go from golden brown to burnt if the heat is raised too high. Burnt garlic tastes bitter.
  • Watch slowly and stir the garlic until it just starts to turn a light brown color.
  • Once the garlic is a light golden color, put it and the oil in a colander set over a bowl. Then, put the funnel and bowl on paper towels to drain even more.
  • You now have crispy fried garlic that you can make at home and sprinkle on your favorite foods to give them a delicious garlic taste and a nice crunch.
Tantalizingly Crispy Fried Garlic: A Guide
Tantalizingly Crispy Fried Garlic: A Guide


You Will Need

  • 20 garlic cloves, peeled and trimmed
  • 1/2 cup (120ml) vegetable oil, canola oil, or avocado oil
  • Fine sea salt

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How to use fried garlic

  • In Southeast Asia, fried garlic, which is called krathiem jiaw in Thai and tỏi phi in Vietnamese, is often used to decorate food.
  • The fact that we love it so much made us want to keep it at home. Adam and I eat it a lot because we like how the garlic gives it a crunch.
  • It’s great on salads, rice, veggie stir-fries, curries, and even tacos.
  • If we think a meal needs a little extra salty flavor, we add crispy fried garlic. When you want something crunchy and a little sweet, try these fried onions.
Tantalizingly Crispy Fried Garlic: A Guide
Tantalizingly Crispy Fried Garlic: A Guide


Garlic chips vs. minced fried garlic

  • You can make fried garlic chips or chopped garlic, as we already said. We love both, but most of the time we make it with minced.
  • If you want to make garlic chips, you have to be a little more careful when you cut them.
  • If not, some chips will brown faster than others.
  • Make sure that each slice of garlic is about the same thickness. So, the fastest and finest way to do this is to use minced garlic.
  • I have to say, though, that the chips are beautiful.

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How to use garlic oil

Do not forget the oil that you used to cook the garlic. We can keep it! The oil now tastes like fresh garlic because it was sitting with the garlic over low heat. This is how homemade garlic oil is made! After the oil has cooled down, put it in a jar that won’t let air in. You can keep it in the fridge for up to a month. I like to use it in these ways:

  • Cook some garlic rice. For this cilantro lime rice, use garlic oil instead of oil, or make garlic fried rice.
  • Make sauces and vinaigrettes with garlic in them. Use garlic oil instead of olive oil in your finest dressings. As an example, I love making our own Italian sauce with garlic oil.
  • Make mayo with garlic! To make your own mayonnaise, use our method, but instead of neutral oil, use some or all garlic oil. If you’d rather, we also have a recipe for veggie mayo.
  • Make more fried garlic with the garlic oil. When you make fried garlic again, you don’t have to start with fresh oil.
  • You can cook your favorite veggies in the oil. I love cooking zucchini, green beans, and cabbage in butter. They would be better with garlic oil.
  • Use the oil to toast or cook the bread. When I make tomato bruschetta, this is my favorite idea.
  • Pour it over homemade pizza. This Margherita pizza goes great with it.
Tantalizingly Crispy Fried Garlic: A Guide
Tantalizingly Crispy Fried Garlic: A Guide


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My garlic tastes bitter, what should I do?

  • Garlic that has been fried can sometimes taste bitter. To avoid this, make sure the garlic doesn’t get too cooked.
  • It can taste a little bitter, though, even if you do everything right.
  • This can be fixed with a smart tip from Serious Eats. We tried it and love it since we learned about it.
  • Add some powdered sugar to the cooked garlic at the same time that you salt it.
  • You don’t need much. Powdered sugar takes away any bitterness and levels it out without making it taste sweet. Very smart.

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